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Hardware Thread, smartboard notebook 10.6 in Technical; Hi I am currently in the process of upgrading the smartboard drive and notebook driver to version 10.6, the latest ...
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    smartboard notebook 10.6


    I am currently in the process of upgrading the smartboard drive and notebook driver to version 10.6, the latest version. I tested the software on a couple of machine and it appeared to work ok. I am doing this to fix the random usb connection failures. So I spoke to smart and they said to upgrade. I deployed the last version by group policy and that had no problems so I deleted the last group policy in one ou and linked the new gpo. This all sound great and easy but 50% of the time the system jams uninstalling the old version or installing the new version, or just gives up part way through doing one or the other. I have tried the uninstall tool and 50%of the time it works and the other 50% it does nothing. I have had to resort to windows installer cleanup installer wizard and then reinstall by hand. What a pain.

    The other problem I am having is when I eventually get it on the machine if you enter windows explorer and double click a smartboard file it just says this was created in a previous version and you have to open notebook and then do a file and open.

    I spoke to smartboards tech support and they have talk me to uninstall and delete registry keys and files by hand and install again.

    Flipping educational software I am sure they think I only have one machine or a tree full of support technicians.

    If you have not upgraded please be aware of the problems and is anyone else having similar problems.


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    Have you deployed the red_vc.msi file (I think it is) before deploying 10.6? Its in the driver zip file you download. I found I needed to deploy this before I could deploy 10.6, otherwise it was uninstall and not install 10.6, leaving staff without any notebook.

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