Seems our eonstor is having an issue, every night between 1 and 3AM anything on iSCSI port 0 cuts off, this has caused the shares to go missing on one server, sometimes that server needs restarting and last night it restarted itself, the reboot itself was presumably due to this issue: You may receive various Stop error messages on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003

This has only occured since we did the following:
Updated the firmware on our HP8206 core switch
Replaced the memory in the Eonstor

What we've done to try and resolve it:
Put the old memory back in
Replaced the network cable from port 0 to the 8206
Changed ports on the 8206

Next i think im going to try Switching the port on the eonstor to port 4 which is the only free port on there, if that doesn't work i'm lost for things to try, any suggestions on this issue?

Personally im starting to think something may have been damaged when the memory was being replaced causing port 0 to break, though we were incredibly careful with it when the change was being made. The other two ports on the eonstor are fine so i'd find it hard to believe anything was caused by the 8206 firmware upgrade?