Hi guys,

Having problems with one of our Netgear GS724TP 24-port Gigabit switches, it's simply not being picked up by our DHCP. The only way to get to it is with a crossover cable in the back of the PC. You can do all of the configuration through the web front end but as soon as it gets plugged back into the network, boom. It's gone.

So, a two-pronged post:

First off has anyone got any ideas what can be wrong? I've even taken this home and it's picked up by my home router's DHCP, so it's not a problem with the switch.

Secondly can anyone recommend any decent PoE switches? Our minimum requirements right now are 8 PoE ports for Access Points with a fibre uplink. Preferably not a Netgear GS724TP

Thanks in anticipation!