Hoping someone out there with a 7110 can help me out. I want to add directory accounts to the users to allow our AD accounts to login to the management interface. I have configured the LDAP service and checking the logs, if I change the password so it is incorrect I see a log entry saying authentication has failed, so I'm assuming it is able to authenticate successfully when the password is correct.

WHen I try to create a new directory user it says no entry can be found in any directory.

I have tried changing the base DN - originally I was quite specific to just look through the Admin OU but I have also set it at the root of the directory and set the search scope to subtree (recursive).

The message about not being able to find an entry for the user comes up suspiciously fast, and I cannot find a way to inspect anything at a deeper level to see what's going wrong.

ANy suggestions? Thanks!