Just a quick note more for myself but it may be useful for others in the same boat...

We bought a Tandberg SATA connected drive for backup on our ML115 server but I hit major problems (read: BSOD) when I tried to install the thing after following the instructions (ie: install driver/software first, then plug in).

It killed the server install so dead I had to re-do it all (thankfully before SIMS was transferred over!!).

What I found that worked was to use a 3rd party SATA controller (not the onboard one) following this route:

1. Install 3rd party SATA controller PCI/PCI-E/X card
2. Install driver
3. Reboot
4. Install Tandberg driver/software using the latest available from the Tandberg site
5. Reboot
6. Shutdown (yes, after rebooting)
7. Plug in the Tandberg drive
7a. Make sacrifice/pray/choose victim (if it doesn't work)
8. Startup machine

This approach seemed to do the trick and I no longer have any BSOD issues or crashing to worry about...

Oh and yeah... backup, backup, backup...