Hi There,

I'm just about to start seriously looking into virtualising some of our services using Xenserver - probably the new 5.6 release due on Friday.

I've had a test Xenserver 5.5 up and running for a few months for a trial of Xenapp/XenDesktop and been quite impressed at it's free functionality compared to VMWare.

I've got two Sun 7110's which I was hoping to use for shared storage for a Xenserver pool. The 7110's are in differing locations around campus and one replicates all it's projects to the other.

On the current test system the 7110 provides shared storage over NFS to the Xenserver

I'm wondering though how to reconfigure XenServer should one of the 7110's fail and I need to switch over to the other.

To simulate a fail I reversed the direction of replication for the Xenserver project so that our normal "backup" 7110 became the "primary" for the project holding the Xenserver NFS share

I can't see though, any easy way to tell Xenserver that the storage is available elsewhere. - The detach/destroy SR options are greyed out so I can't use those. I've tried rebooting the xenserver but it won't go down due to the guests being stuck looking for their storage.....

I had a look at CTX117200 - How to Change the IP Address of an Network File Share Storage Respository - Citrix Knowledge Center but that seems an awful lot of command line hacking around (and applies to an older version of Xenserver)

Obviously I'd like to get this sorted before we move to a production service so just wondered if anyone could offer any advice?

On a similar topic I was going to go with NFS for my shared storage over iscsi as I had a read through the thread where various people were comparing performance of NFS vs iscsi on the 7110 and it seemed to be the case that for dual parity RAID as our 7110 is configured as then NFS is the best choice. Is that still the perceived wisdom?