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Hardware Thread, DELL Optiplex 380 in Technical; We are looking to replace our HP workstations with new machines. The HPs have been great quality and reliable (DX2200s), ...
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    DELL Optiplex 380

    We are looking to replace our HP workstations with new machines. The HPs have been great quality and reliable (DX2200s), but when it comes to quoting, HP are not able to get anywhere near the spec
    DELL are offering for a good price. So I am seriously considering switching to DELL.

    However, after talking to some other schools I am getting reports about design issues with this DELL model, that allow students to remove the floppy blanking plate and remove the memory.

    I would like to ask you guys if any of you have experienced this issue, whether it is a real issue or overblown in your view, any solutions to it, or even if you didn't find it to be an issue at all.

    DELL tell me the problem was with machines a few years ago, but rather than rely on their bias, I'd be interested in other's experiences.

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    We've bought optiplex's (GX620's,745ss and 755's) with the same design of Mini-Tower case as the 380's and never had any issues. In fact they're wonderfully designed cases IMO (toolless,easy to work on) and BTX fan layout makes them whisper quiet.
    Only downsides are that becase of the BTX design and OEM nature of the parts (PSU,mobo,etc) it makes buying replacement parts a bit tricky (not a big issue IMO as they come with 3 year warranty). Suspect the HP would be in the same boat with that though.

    We've never had any issues with the kids managing to push through the front panels either.
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    We've got Optiplex GX520s, Optiplex 755s and now some Optiplex 380s and they're all SFF. It's a pretty bad problem for us where the kids have poked the blaning plates out of the front of the machine. When have tried everything to stop them (melting the blanking plates in place with a soldering iron, using superglue and even using some impact/contact adhesive called Evo-Stik) and none of it has worked, they still push out the blanking plates. We have this though with all our machines as the kids seem determined to wreck things. I have stopped replacing our blanking plates and I don't really care if little Jimmy loses a finger because of shoving it somewhere it shouldn't have been. It's like touching something you're told not to, the only way you learn is to get hurt.

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