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Hardware Thread, Best place to get netbooks and trolley? in Technical; Hi all, Has anybody got any recommendations of suppliers that could supply 16 netbooks and a suitable charging trolley? I've ...
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    Best place to get netbooks and trolley?

    Hi all,

    Has anybody got any recommendations of suppliers that could supply 16 netbooks and a suitable charging trolley? I've spoken to Stone and NS Optimum but could do with another couple to contact to satisfy my head / governors of best value.

    PS we're looking at netbooks along the line of the Samsung NB30, if anyone has any comments about them (good or bad) I'd be interested!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Once you've decided what you want - then just go onto the recommend suppliers forum and post a request for quotes and you'll normally get at least 2 or 3.

    Or get a login for Edugeekbuy and make your request there. (mm - it seems to have been erased from Edugeek so maybe don't use them!)

    As far as NB30 - it looks OK - the Samsung NC10 was a great netbook (I've about 50 of them) - I've found the NC130 not to be so good (got 15 of them - daft power switch - problems with the wireless) so until someone buy and trys -no one will truely know how it performs but battery life spec makes it ideal for schools

    I've currently just bought Acer Aspire One 751 Netbooks (18 for 1 school and 15 for another) but haven't got them into real service yet (which is when you find out how they really perform but I've been trialling one as my own machine for 3 months and its performed flawlessy (apart from a minor issue with the trackpad being overly sensitive to hovering palms ) so I've high hopes that it;ll work fine.

    Advantage of the 751s is the 11.6 in - 1366 x 768 display which means all the programs I use work (one of mine doesn't work on a 1024x600 display ) and there's no need for excessive scrolling in normal use.

    Downside is battery life isn;t as good as the 10inch netbooks (say 4 real class hours as oposed to 5 with an NC10) but Acer have recently started selling an 9-cell model (at >£300 mind) that would eliminate that problem (I'm going to try to buy one battery and see what difference it makes)

    Trolleys are expensive - DO NOT BUY A 20netbook lapcabby model - they are just a bodge and are not suitable - don't be conned into one!

    The ordinary labcabby laptop models aren't too bad but you need to spend more - the 20V is more robust and bigger than the smaller 16H but they are both far far far better than the netbook ones.

    Hope this helps


    PM me for names of good suppliers
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    hello primary tech,

    we would love the opportunity to get some costs to you,

    please drop me an e-mail with your contact details and i will get some options in a quote to you.

    many thanks in advance.



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