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Hardware Thread, Sony Vaio - Noisy fan in Technical; I have a Sony Vaio VGN-BZ12VN with a very noisy/failing fan. It belongs to the HT, she used to use ...
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    Sony Vaio - Noisy fan

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-BZ12VN with a very noisy/failing fan.

    It belongs to the HT, she used to use it "on her lap" and it seems to of sucked a load of dust into the fan and its very noisy and fails after a half hour ish and the laptop shuts down as its overheating.

    Has anyone got a pdf on how to dismantle and/or know where I can purchase a replacement fan ?

    Ta muchly


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    We had the same problem with the same model. Is it under warranty? If so, Sony knew about the problem when I called and it was sent back to be fixed.

    I did open it up by unscrewing all the screws on the bottom - you will need to find instructions on how to detach the screen from the base as I couldn't see how to do it.

    Good luck!

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    I always found Sonys quite difficult to take apart! One of the old ones I had to work on needed the complete removal of all keyboard, top assembly and part of the sound board just to get to the hard drive!!! Have you tried the air can method? Much safer

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