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Hardware Thread, KVM for server racks needed, help required please... in Technical; Hi Its come to the stage where we dont have enough room in the server racks to house our flat ...
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    KVM for server racks needed, help required please...


    Its come to the stage where we dont have enough room in the server racks to house our flat screen monitor. I now need to buy a KVM which takes the minimum amount of space.

    After having a look I can see there are all sorts of different ones. IP or non IP, 8 port 16 port etc.

    Can anyone recommend a good 16 port KVM, ideally I am looking at one with USB connections as all of our servers have USB and our Mac Xserve is only USB and have found it flaky using one of the ps2 to usb converters as the KVM we have at the moment is just a basic belkin one which doesnt have the fancy bits and screen and is only PS2.

    Also is it worth spending the extra on an IP KVM, am I right in saying that the benefit this gives is we can control all of our servers via IP (similar to using VNC). If the network was to go down I am assuming this would stop working? have people found the control better than using something like RDP or VNC?

    I have also seen KVM consoles which have a single copper port at the back of the KVM and then just a video and kb/mouse input to each server, I like this as there will be less cables everywhere, has anyone got this, is it any good?

    If anyone could advise it would be most appreciated.

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    We have been using one of these 16 port usb KVMs for around a year now very good no complaints.

    KVM over IP - Remote access to computers & servers

    Have a good look

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