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Hardware Thread, Future Hardware Presentation in Technical; I have to give a presentation to all stff tomorrow on available future tech and how it can enhance teaching ...
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    Future Hardware Presentation

    I have to give a presentation to all stff tomorrow on available future tech and how it can enhance teaching and pupils ability learn, sort of an educational transformation presentation in the run up to BSF.

    Anyone have any suggestions for up and coming tech I could include?

    I hate giving presentations.

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    Cloud computing? You could also your presentaion in Prezi (found from someone nice on these forums) which I think is good in education terms. But in all honesty unless your a teacher you might not see how some future tech can be used in an educational manner. But give them enough options and people will come up with ideas themselves.

    Things such as Sixth Sense and Project Natal for human interface devices changing the way pupils interact with their environment?

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