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Hardware Thread, HP D530 Display Problem in Technical; We are having a problem with several of our hp d530 workstations when you power the pc we get a ...
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    HP D530 Display Problem

    We are having a problem with several of our hp d530 workstations when you power the pc we get a green light and all the fans start working, but there is no signal reaching the monitor we just ger a permanent amber light, no beep codes i have tried reseating memory, checked connections to the board and replaced the cmos battery but still no display which leads me to think we may have a increaingly large amount of faulty motherboards. Or has anybody come across this problem?

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    Come across it but not managed to solve it - think ours might be 510s though, will have to check my images directory. Swapped everything possible out with no response and ended up diagnosing it as a motherboard fault and giving up...

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