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Hardware Thread, Spare parts for HP 3005 Printer in Technical; Personally I would not get another one but my Line manager thinks differently. He thinks they are the most reliable ...
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    Personally I would not get another one but my Line manager thinks differently. He thinks they are the most reliable printers in the school yet in my opinion we have had more trouble with them (Everyone a new formatter board was required) than any other printer. He says "we have the extended warranty".

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    I know this is ressurecting an old post - but the thread linked earlier provided us with our fix, so I thought I'd post up some advice...

    We had the memory issue, printer constantly freezing etc. Take the formatter out, and desolder all the capacitors (mark them up so you know which way round they go back on and what goes where, desolder the battery at this point too. Stick it in an electric (gas is too uneven) oven at 180C for 8 minutes, making sure it's chip side up, and that it's supported at the corners off the base of the oven (tin foil balls work well for this). Take it out to cool, resolder componants, and test. From the long thread I reckon there's an 85% success rate at least, provided the Caps are removed, ours worked perfectly afterwards.

    Hope that helps anyone with the same problem,


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    We've had 4 out of 6 P3005n printers fail, some just two or three months out of warranty. We gave up trying to fix them and have consigned them to a skip. We have 70 printers here and I won't be buying HP ever again. The formatter board problem seems to be a known issue but HP is not interested. HP's latest printers seem to be rubbish, spread the word so that others don't waste their budgets on them.

    We're now trying Brother printers, fingers crossed!

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    Everytime we've phoned HP with a faulty out-of-warranty P3005 they're replaced it quibble free so far?

    I agree though the quality of HP printers does seem to have taken a slide recently. That's about 50% of our P3005s failed within 2 years due to formatter board issues and our P2055s keep dropping off the network requiring a power reset to get them working again. We've sent HP a wireshark trace to see if that turns up anything but so far haven't heard back.....

    We actually used to buy Brothers but found that their drivers were a bit less reliable and had a tendancy to render jobs incorrectly. That and I'm not convinced by the seperate drum/toner cartridge as it seems to make the print quality worse and resulted in a lot of staff throwing out good toner carts because the drum has gone (thereby negating the cost savings of a seperate drum).
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