Listening stations are great devices allowing groups of children to listen to audio CDs at the same time for subjects such as literacy and languages.

Managing these though can sometimes be a challenge. With a normal setup you would probably have some kind of 6 Way Headphone Splitter Box, some headphones and a CD player of some kind. This works fine but can take time to connect up and if you have problems with children not hearing any audio you have 3 items to troubleshoot. This is where the TTS Easi-Listener comes in.


The TTS Easi-Listener is a portable CD Player & Radio with 6 headphone sockets fully integrated. It also comes complete with an MP3 line in plug. It can be powered via the mains or with 6 C-Type batteries.


The TTS Easi-Listener is a very smart looking device, although the green might not be to everyoneís taste. It tops the scales at 1.6Kg so is easy for even small children to move around. The plastics are smooth and tough and it has no sharp edges. All in all it is very well put together and would stand-up well to heavy classroom use.

It has a top loading CD player that is opened by a button rather than a push lid so should be more robust in the use of children. Controls are clearly laid out and there is a small LCD display for CD track numbers. The radio tuner is controlled via a small dial as is the volume control. It has 2 0.8W (RMS) speakers located to the sides.


When it comes to connecting headphones there is a single socket at the top of the device. This is the main headphone socket, when a pair of headphones are connected to this socket, the output to the main speakers will be turned off. At the rear there are 5 additional headphone sockets. There is also an MP3 line in cable located under the battery compartment so you can use an iPod etc. It has a small notch so that the lead can be kept out with the battery cover closed.

Using the TTS Easi-Listener is just a matter of putting in your chosen CD or connecting your MP3 player, attaching the headphones and thatís it. In day to day use the TTS Easi-Listener is extremely clear and volume is more than loud enough. I recommend using headphones that have their own inline volume, this way you can set the volume on the TTS Easi-Listener and then let the children set their own desired volume via their headphones.


Currently the price on the TTS website is listed as £42.99 or £74.99 complete with a set of headphones


These are a great solution for those people looking for a simple, easy to use listening station. They can be set up in minutes and children find them easy and fun to use. Sounds quality is high and the having the option to use an MP3 player via a line in is a very useful addition.

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