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Hardware Thread, Laptops or Desktop in Technical; All teachers and HLTAs with their own laptops plus a few spare for supply staff, random staff uses or interview ...
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    All teachers and HLTAs with their own laptops plus a few spare for supply staff, random staff uses or interview candidates, etc. All staff (inc. SLT) are 'made' to understand that 'their' laptop is school owned and is therefore on loan and supplied with the same standard install as all computers in school. Accounts are restricted so no additional software can be installed. Updates are administered via WSUS, Sophos, etc and as teacher laptops tend to be on all day (or at least a decent period of time), this works fine. These are then re-imaged yearly to ensure all rubbish that just builds up is cleaned out. Not having desktops means that staff *have* to bring in their laptops which in turn, ensures that updates are applied.


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    Desktops in most cases here - many schools used to go by laptops for the whiteboards and this was soon figured to be a bad idea with the constantly plugging/unplugging or the "I CBA" attitude and laptops just being left connected permanently, ruining the battery and defeating the point when the teachers whinge about not having a computer to do their planning on

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    Every teacher has a laptop, locked down with Group Policy which i introduced 2 years ago after a long time with teachers having full access and installing loads of crp and unlicenced software - got a lot of grief.

    Have recently been thinking about phasing out laptops for desktop in every classroom, but I would anticipate monumental amounts of sht hitting fan if we went down that road.
    I would need support from some key staff to push that through and although it would save money on yearly laptop replacements, it would cost more the first year due to the large number of desktop installations in classrooms.

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