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Hardware Thread, [SOLVED] Please help with new RAID-5 Configuration in Technical; Hey guys, So I've got a Dell PowerEdge 1400SC server here that I've been trying to get going on RAID ...
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    Hey guys,

    So I've got a Dell PowerEdge 1400SC server here that I've been trying to get going on RAID 5. It's been a great server, but it's running with only a single 20GB drive at the moment [I know]. I have a second PowerEdge 1400SC that has RAID 5 running on it beautifully and the performance is fantastic.

    So I popped open the single drive 1400SC today and removed the 20GB drive and set it aside [so if I don't finish by the time schools back in after spring break I can put it back in and continue using it]. I have a PERC card in there and 3 x Fujitsu MAN3367MP's. I have a cable I've connected between them, and I've done my best to match the jumper settings to the other server to make it identical. The other server actually has the third drive as a Seagate drive, so I matched that and got a Seagate drive out [that I happened to have] of the same model and set the jumpers the same as the other. The two are identical now. When I first fired up the server, I went into the configuration utility [CTRL+M] for the PERC card and had a look at the drives, there were 3. That's fantastic. I cleared the configuration of the card [since I'm not sure what it had before, and was going to build a new array anyways]. Now, when I scan the drives, theres only 2! I can't get the other one to appear. I rebooted, switched position on the cable, no matter what I do, only 2 drives appear.

    So now I try to figure out which it is. With the server still running, I pull one the Seagate drive and rescan. Only 1 drive appears. I plug the Seagate back in, pull one of the Fujitsu's. Only one appears. Plug it back in, pull the OTHER fujitsu, and 2 drives appear. So I guess it has something to do with that one fujitsu. Thinking it must be dead, I got another fujitsu of the same model, and configured it the same way. Fired the server up, still only picks up the first 2. Tried placing the newer fujitsu on another location on the chain, still 2. ID 0 and ID 2 shows a drive. ID 1 shows blank no matter what I do.

    Assuming I use all 3 Fujitsu drives, could someone please walk me through how to configure the jumpers correctly and where to place the drives on the chain so this actually works?

    I've been referring to this:
    The Drive : Fujitsu MAN3367MP - A Gentle SCSI-Runner



    After a lot of trial and error, I've finally got it. The jumpers were shipped to me wrong, so following the guide provided by fujitsu didn't help. Appears I've got it working, although now I know I have 2 bad drives and 2 good drives. 2 of the Fujitsu's were actually good, the third Fujitsu and the Seagate were both bad.

    Thanks anyway!

    Now to find another Fujitsu of the same model...
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