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Hardware Thread, Dell E197FP Monitor Problem in Technical; Just got this through for my Helpline column: I have a problem with my monitor, a Dell E197FP LCD. The ...
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    Dell E197FP Monitor Problem

    Just got this through for my Helpline column:

    I have a problem with my monitor, a Dell E197FP LCD. The PC will switch off normally but the monitor stays switched on and flashes, full screen, the entire spectrum of colours, and repeats the cycle ad infinitum. I tried to fix the problem in safe mode, unsuccessfully
    I had a monitor that did this exact same thing in my last place (same make\model) and I'm pretty sure it was a screen saver type option in the end. If anyone here has these can you have a look for me please and let me know the correct steps to take so I can let them know.

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    My Dell monitor at home started doing this a while ago and it had me foxed for a while...

    ...somehow I had turned on "burn-in" mode and it kicked in whenever the pc shutdown, which was what confused me as I knew the colours were not coming from the computer.

    I think the procedure to fix this was...
    Turn off the screen. Then hold the menu button and the plus button at the same time, then hit the power button. Once it's come back on press the minus button and the service menu should pop up. In there you should see the aforementioned item to turn off.
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