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Hardware Thread, Viglen Genie Ultra Small in Technical; we are looking to replace the systems in one of our ICT suites and have had a quote from Viglen ...
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    Viglen Genie Ultra Small

    we are looking to replace the systems in one of our ICT suites and have had a quote from Viglen for their Genie Ultra Small systems, is anyone using these systems and Viglen?

    just looking for general feedback about Viglen and their systems from the past year or so.


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    We don't have any of that specific size, but we do have 3 of their Viglen Ultra Pro's with their AIO stands/hard glass monitors, for trialing to roll out. So far, the machines seem very well built, and fast (we got quad core Q9500 chips and 4GB RAM in them, along with vPro Motherboards). My only concern would be the size of the case, as there is a lot to cool in a small area - but there are nice big vents in the case so it shouldn't be an issue.

    We also have 70 Omnino's from 2 1/2 years ago. They are pretty good - a few minor issues but nothing major. Their support is excellent too, with NBD meaning NBD and not 'NBD, unless we can't find a part then it'll be 2 weeks'.

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    We had one on evaluation when we were looking to replace two ICT Suites last year. It's ok but a nightmare to assemble and the build quality isn't a patch on the HP7900s we finally bought for around the same price.

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