I've got a Vista laptop connected to a wireless HP 4580 printer and everytime I send anything to the printer it prints multiple copies. Not a fixed number of mutiples (so it's not a default setting gone screwy) but when I watch the print queue it continues adding more a more copies to the job. I thought it might be the drivers so I reinstalled them, but this hasn't made a difference. I read online that the 6500 drivers have been known to solve similar problems with other HP printers, but again no such luck. I followed some suggestions on the HP forums for changing the port settings from RAW to LPR, but this hasn't worked either.

I would say it was a printer issue but I have another Vista laptop connected wirelessly with the same printer drivers, that is working perfectly.

I'm running short on ideas. The only thing I can think is that a Vista update has been installed that caused the problem. Has anyone encountered this problem before or hav any ideas?