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Hardware Thread, RM NBook 4400 Replacement Chargers in Technical; Hello there! I've got a couple of trolleys (16 lappys in each), all RM-Nbook 4400's (not my choice, they were ...
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    RM NBook 4400 Replacement Chargers

    Hello there!

    I've got a couple of trolleys (16 lappys in each), all RM-Nbook 4400's (not my choice, they were here when I got here!). We seem to be lacking chargers for a few of them though. After pulling out all the chargers there seems to be a mix of chargers in there, the main one being an 'APD, Model No: NB-65B19' and the other a 'LITEON Model No: PA-1750-01', neither of which I seem to be able to find much on through the power of google.

    The AC/DC on the chargers is the same, which is AC input: 100-240v, DC output: 19v

    I'm assuming there many chargers out there that would be compatible, but i'm no electrician and I don't want to gamble putting any old charger in em.

    I had a look over the RM website and it seems they sell a charger that matches this range, though it says delivery time 3-4 weeks, and they are about 30 quid each which seemed steep to me!

    Could anyone recommend a cheap replacement charger? I think the Nbook 4400 is a rebadged toshiba, but I might be wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

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    try ACAPSQ090-A2

    You will probably need to contact them to confirm it is fully compatible.

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