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Hardware Thread, Cheapest place to buy PC's or Base units in Technical; Another plus here for ICT Direct .. John is a top bloke and having now spent the last 12 months ...
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    Another plus here for ICT Direct .. John is a top bloke and having now spent the last 12 months buying bits of kit from him.... I woiuld without a doubt reccomend his services

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    Can also highly recommend John @ ICT Direct had some great machines from him now

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    Having just spoken to an NM at a school near me I fear that going down a route of refurbished even with 2 years warranty is just false economy.

    I have always purchased workstations with a 5 year onsite warranty and for the past 6 years the company has had its ups and downs but is now stronger than they have ever been since being taken over and managed properly and deliver a service which I find has been second to none.

    They build in this country with Intel branded components but will also offer AMD chipsets if asked. I get the Neovo 17" hard glass front TFTs although they have had a little bad press but Neovo have been good about it and repair all our units free of charge at the moment as we have nearly 350.

    We run Intel dual core with 4Gb Ram and they just fly and if we have any problems they are just a phone call away with a very helpful support team (not that I have had to use them that much). I got the units with Neovo TFTs Microsoft keyboards and mice 5 years onsite warranty for £320 all in. Some people may be able to get them cheaper I don't know, all I do know is my school has benefited from this companies prices and support. If anyone wants to know they can PM me as I don't think it wise for me to advertise on here without going through the proper channels.

    All I wanted to say is that false economy never ever worked even short term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tri_94 View Post
    i would like rekit two ICT suites for under 10k with 30 in each.
    You could, of course, see if you can buy 6 multipoint server machines for £1,600 each and use each to run 10 workstations.

    David Hicks

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    I'm still running older machines than that in parts of my school. We still have about 75 Dell GX60 machines which are 2.4 Celeron, but with a good well strealined build on them, they run very well. We also upped the RAM in all of them to 1GB from 512MB in August, this made a massive difference. We will probably keep them until they pack up completely, as they do what they need to and we have anther 20 in reserve to salvage for spares so they are zero cost to the school to keep.

    Maybe an option for you is to buy better machines for one room, and just upgrade the machines in the second room for the time being. - P4 processors and suitable RAM are relatively cheap to obtain second hand - RAM is stil affordable new.

    If it were me I'd rather have 1 great room and 1 older, rather than 2 middle of the road rooms, which is what you'll end up with if you buy within that budget - you'll really struggle to get decent reliable machines with only £150 to spend per machine in my opinion - £300 a machine and you'll get something reasonably good if you keep the existing monitors.

    Saying that, I've ordered a couple of machines privately from this company before, they seemed to be very good - it's probably this sort of company you will end up buying from, as I'm pretty sure you won't get anything new for that money that's going to be any good.

    refurbished and open box computer hardware Ex Demo | ITC Sales UK Store - Partner with Dell and HP

    A quick look through, and it seems for around £150 a unit you can get a low end duel core machine with 2GB ram in, however you only get a 90day warranty with them and their stock seems very low at the moment - they normally have some with 100+ machines available, but most of them at the moment seem to only have 1 or 2 units available.

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