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Hardware Thread, Recommend a site wide cordless voice solution in Technical; We want to give our caretakers cordless phones which work truly site-wide. We currently have a mix of BT Elements ...
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    Recommend a site wide cordless voice solution

    We want to give our caretakers cordless phones which work truly site-wide. We currently have a mix of BT Elements cordless phone which works for a limited range and walkie-talkies which work everywhere but are not connected to the phone system.

    The phone system is Mitel, on a separate infrastructure managed by our LA and we have site-wide wireless on our data network.

    Does anyone have any sugestions about the cheapest way to allow the caretakers to have a cordless phone which anyone on the school phone system can call, that works across a roughly 200m x 200m site of multiple buildings?

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    If your wireless network has good signal all over the site, have you considered wireless VoIP phones?

    Something like this: Linksys by Cisco - WIP330 Support

    EDIT: Just re-read the post, that Linksys phone is probably not much good to you unless you already have VoIP in the school, but you could consider giving this company a go: http://www.myglobaltalk.com/
    I've never used them but from what I gather, the phones are VoIP enabled and have sim cards, so they could contact each other cheaply via VoIP and the office could contact them by a phone number.
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    If you have Motorola walkie-talkies (DP 3601 or P185) they have a software which can be patch between the Mitel box and the walkie-talkies.

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