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Hardware Thread, Netbook that Runs on AAs in Technical; NorhTec - Products The Gecko EduBook does not have a fan. The Xcore86 CPU used in the Gecko EduBook is ...
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    Netbook that Runs on AAs

    NorhTec - Products

    The Gecko EduBook does not have a fan. The Xcore86 CPU used in the Gecko EduBook is more energy efficient than any other x86 CPU running at 1Ghz. It can support Microsoft Windows XP. The Xcore86 only uses 1.2 watts of power. While the Gecko EduBook costs less than most every other x86 compatible laptop, the Gecko Edubook features a large, bright LED backlit 8.9 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

    The Gecko Edubook is also modular. The CPU and RAM are on a replaceable module allowing the CPU to be reused or upgraded. The Gecko Edubook can either be equipped with a standard 2.5 inch hard disk or an ordinary SD Flash for storage. It is possible to recycle used or refurbished laptop drives or use low-cost SD Flash.

    Looks like an interesting concept, they do offer a LiON battery pack option as well and the AA option uses recharcable AAs that recharge in place.

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