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Hardware Thread, H&S issues - student workstations in Technical; As we are all no doubt aware, there are H&S regulations which specify how our workstations are set up, correct ...
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    H&S issues - student workstations

    As we are all no doubt aware, there are H&S regulations which specify how our workstations are set up, correct eye level, lighting, position of equipment etc etc.

    I don't think there are any grey areas insofar as staff are concerned, but where do schools stand with regards students workstation 'welfare'?

    Having seen some ICT suites where standard 600mm wide kitchen worktop benching is used, and the PC, keyboard and mouse are bunched onto a very small surface area, it leaves very little room, if any, for the students to rest forearms or wrists.

    Do the exact same regulations apply to student workstations, or are there different considerations?

    If indeed the same H&S concerns apply, what are the potential consequences for schools where workstation 'areas' do not conform? Could whole ICT suites be closed down?

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    From the HSE site

    Q5. Do the DSE regulations apply to children and students?
    Answer: No. These regulations only place duties on employers in respect of employees (or self-employed persons working in the employer’s undertaking). However, employers have more general duties under other legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 which require work activities to be undertaken in a way that does not create risks to others (such as children or the public).

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