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Hardware Thread, DVIi or DVId in Technical; Before I go and order 25 cables for out new dual displays I need to know what type to get ...
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    DVIi or DVId

    Before I go and order 25 cables for out new dual displays I need to know what type to get - the manual for the displays is as good as toilet paper......
    I am thinking of DVI D to DVI D as I want to avoid using DVI to VGA converters.
    So in the end I will have two displays for each computer one using VGA and one using DVI - similar to what I have for myself but I can't remember for the love of god what DVI cable I am using....Or shall I play it safe and get DVI I to DVI I cables which I think support both ?

    Jeeeeeez - what ever happened to standards eh ?

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    Here's a quick image guide for this so you can confirm.


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    Depends on the GPUs and moniters, ideally if you have moniters with DVI ports then you want to use DVI connections, in that case DVI-Digital. For the second moniter ideally your GPU will have a second DVI port avalible and so you would want a second DVI-D cable. The only reason to go with a DVI-I cable would be if you wanted to use a DVI to VGA adapter at the end of the cable.

    This of course changes slightly if your GPUs have dual DVI, you would want a dual DVI to two DVI adapter then two DVI-D cables.

    If your GPU has one DVI and one analogue port then you would want one DVI-D and one analogue (VGA) cable.

    DVI-D only carries the Digital signal
    DVI-I carries both the digital signal and the downlevel analogue signal (as long ad the GPU outputs at DVI-I)
    VGA is just the analogue downlevel signal

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