We have been testing our Windows 7 deployment for a few months now on a Acer Revo atom in our Workshop and all seems fine and dandy so we are happy to make the move.

The issue is that about 200 of our computers are now 4/5 years old and are in need of replacement, so we are looking at buying a load of atoms to replace the machines as they are so cheap.

The Revo in our workshop is using the mount supplied to put it on the back of the TFT on the vesa mount - which is the thing that we are not overly happy with. You can eaisly knock it off and the atoms are that small that you could put it into your school bag without a problem.

So what I am wondering is if anyone has seen an atom based or other cheap USFF computer that has a vesa mount on BOTH sides - the same as the HP T5415 thin clients that we comonly use?
If we can find something like this, which is an actual computer then we are away.

I've had a look and have not had any joy in finding such a thing but wondered if anyone else has?

Thanks in advance, Ed.