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Hardware Thread, Support For USB Memory Sticks in Technical; I notice this has come up before but I wanted to start a new thread. Many of our students and ...
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    Support For USB Memory Sticks

    I notice this has come up before but I wanted to start a new thread. Many of our students and staff use USB memory sticks to move work around, take it to and from home etc. The problem we are seeing is that our computers seem to be inconsistent when it comes to supporting the memory sticks. Even different models of the same brand can produce completely different results.

    Sometimes I find that Windows treats a usb stick like new hardware and although I don't need to install drivers it won't add the thing as a device unless an admin is logged in... but will work with any user logged in once this is done. What's going on behind the scenes? Is there a way to allow this to happen when a normal user is logged in without leaving us open to potential nasties?

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    from what I re call - not sure about the nasties but there was a combination of using USBDLM with your AV package so that the av package scans usb memory sticks using the pre configured drive letter whether on insertion or when opened or w/e and also using group policy to allow installation of non digitally signed drivers by normal users - will have to ask someone else where this gpo is as I dont know.

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    Drivers do play a big role. Unsigned drivers typically would require an admin to login and authorise the installation. You can tweak policy settings as to whether you want to allow unsigned drivers to install or be used.

    Comp Config > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options

    Devices: Unsigned driver installation behaviour

    You can also verify any unsigned drivers by following this guide

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