Hi All

I have a Citrix Access Gateway sat in my server cabinet for the past 2 years it has been working fine - basically i haven't touched it - i came to do a SSL certificate renewal and tried to get my 1024bit data uploaded onto the GoDaddy website to be told i need 2048bit encryption - the only way i can do this is to upgrade the CAG - i've downloaded the updated firmware CD but i'm now wondering how simple it is to update the system - as its the software i have installed on my secondary DC that i use to generate the SSL certificate request... My current version of CAG is 4.5.6 and the Access Gateway Administration Tool is also 4.5.6 - is it possible to upgrade just the tool? If so where do i download it from and also how do I do it?

Cheers in advance!

(BTW my citrix SSL cert ahs expired and now it not working i'm getting plenty of grief over it!) :@