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    Question Do you repair leads?

    I have many laptop PSUs with damaged low Voltage plugs/leads. Since new PSUs cost anything from £20 - £70, I offered to fit new plugs @ £2. Our new school manager thought this was not a good idea from a legal liability poit of view.

    In the past I did all sorts of repairs and wiring. I've stopped mains wiring now, because by the time you've paid to have it certified, you might as well let a contractor do it and self-certify. But I had continued to do anything at Extra Low Voltage.

    I just wondered, what happens elsewhere?

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    Replace the whole brick here, as no-one has the skills or qualifications to fit the leads.

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    Its not worth the risk for the cost of a new PSU to fix internally.

    Too many "where theres blame theres a claim" companies out there.

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