Unfortunately I inherited these things from a predecessor. We have four NEC Accusync LCD 92XM monitors around the school, the idea being they will be used for kids to check homework, match fixtures, etc as they move about the place. I'm not sure they *do* get used for these but I'm just the techie ... To make things more awkward, they are wired into the walls, so any maintenance has to be done in-place (the PCs are mounted in the ceiling, almost impossible to remove without cutting wires).

The problem is, although I can eventually get Windows XP to recognise the screens, the touch-sensor seems messed up. "Clicking" top-right moves the pointer to bottom-left and vice-versa; anything along the top-left to bottom-right diagonal axis works fine. I spent two days on these things over the Summer holiday, failed miserably and now I'm being hassled to get them going.

Can I fix them or should I recommend replacement? I've never set up anything like this before and it seems a major PITA from start to finish, but maybe I'm missing something.

Failing that, is there a better, more efficient way to run multiple information points around a school without a PC mounted in the ceiling? It always seemed a bit "old skool" to me and it's a nightmare to maintain them.