I've been thinking about a netbook to carry around with me for web development for a while now and just as I'm about to buy one Samsung launch the NB30 education netbook which is "toughened" and hopefully means it'll survive more that six months of trips to school and back.

Rubberised finish, spill resistant and freefall sensor. Not only does it sound perfect for my bag, it sounds great for those of our students- unconvinced about netbook use in trolleys as yet although I'm sure someone will tell me how well this is working for them.

Regardless of the whole netbook/laptop debate I can't wait to see one at Bett on Saturday, although there's a distinct danger I'll buy one on the spot.

This one apparently has a new keyboard design, Samsung are traditionally very good in this area, so it will be interesting to see how easy it is to type on (size decent travel etc) and if the traditional primary school problem of small fingers prying off keys is likely to be removed (do you think they'll mind if I break the one on the stand).

Article here.