This morning I received an email about a computer not booting. When I got there it was turned on but the monitor power light was orange and when I pressed the settings button on the monitor it displayed the message that the computer was in power save mode.

No matter how many times you move the mouse or type on the keyboard - nothing! Even if you restart the computer it's the same story. At present the way I sort this is ensure the computer is turned off, then I remove the RAM and then power the computer up, after the beep to indicate no RAM is present I turn the computer off and reseat the RAM. When I power up the computer if like magic the monitor comes back to life!

This has happened on around 20 other computers in the past and has been reoccurring on some of these computers that I have dealt with in the past.

Has anyone come across this issue before or does anyone have any ideas of a solution to prevent this happening again and also maybe another solution to wake up the computer without the process I go through?