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Hardware Thread, SAS or SATA 4 Servers in Technical; Think im leaning towards SAS, which leads me to ask which HP SAS Raid card do you recommend & Battery ...
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    Think im leaning towards SAS, which leads me to ask which HP SAS Raid card do you recommend & Battery Backup Unit?

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    have had problems with a few sata based servers but never sas ones - they would be better for OS if you can afford it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    Built a couple of servers for local primary/infant schools of late. We tend to be going for a couple of 300GB WD 10krpm SATA drives in RAID-1. Seems to be giving the schools the space they need and the drive access speed for the number of users.
    If you have some of the earlier 300GB WD Velociraptor's and run them 24/7 in a RAID environment you may be interested in this thread. It seems they have a firmware bug where they falsely report errors to the RAID controller/host OS after 49 days of continuous operation. The firmware update can be downloaded from here or by contacting WD support. Newer Velociraptor's should already have this firmware.

    Personally I would go for SAS drives in servers for reliability and performance reasons (at least for the operating system). Some of the common differences between enterprise-class SAS/SATA disks and desktop SATA disks are listed below (Source):

    • Warranty - Desktop drives usually have a 3-year (or less) warranty, while Enterprise drives usually have a 5-year warranty (IIRC, some of the Samsung drives have a 7-year warranty).
    • MTTF/MTBF - This calculated value is an estimate of the number of hours until the drive fails, and is only valid for the warranty period. For Enterprise drives, it's usually higher than for their Desktop counterparts.
    • Error Recovery - This is called various things by various manufacturers (TLER, ERC, CCTL). In a Desktop drive, the goal is to do everything possible to recover the data. In an Enterprise, the goal is to ALWAYS return SOMETHING within the timeout period; if the data can't be recovered within that time, let the RAID controller reconstruct it.
    • Bit Error Rate - This is a statistical measure of how often an error (either recoverable or unrecoverable) will occur. The rate for Enterprise drives is usually lower than for Desktop drives.
    • Vibration resistance - When several disks are in a single chassis, the vibration from one or more of the drives can affect the others. Some Enterprise drives have firmware (with sensors?) that specifically reduces the effect of this vibration on the error rate. On those drives where this is done, it can sometimes be seen as a difference in the vibration specs of the drive.
    • Target market segment - Desktop drives are designed for 5x9 operation with light use, while Enterprise drives are designed for 7x24 operation with heavy use. I believe this effects the motor & voice-coil drive electronics, possibly the overall disk heatsink capabilities, and possibly the operating temperature range of the drive.
    • Request Queuing - Enterprise drives usually have improved queuing algorithms for I/O requests. This gives more IOPS as the load increases (something you're not likely to see in a lightly loaded Desktop usage).

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    I generally go with the following SAS for OS mirror 80gb then Raid 5 3 1tb sata.

    However if this is a high demand Server eg video editing scratch server then mirror 80gb sas then raid 5 sas according to requirements.

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