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    Language Orals Mic, Labtec PC 333 Microphone Replacement?

    Last year I bought a few Labtec PC 333 Microphones after trying quite a few from different suppliers. Less than £10 and brilliant for use recording orals for languages. Long lead plug into the PC in the corner and put the mic on the table between the two people involved 10 feet away from the PC so the only sound you get is from the speakers and no messing about with volume or microphone settings required.

    Sadly this mic has now been discontinued.

    Anyone got any ideas for a replacement as we have had a couple not cope with the rough and tumble of school life and the summer will soon be upon us. £50 seems quite a lot when the students might not be the most gentle....

    [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Labtec-980184-0914-pc-mic-333/dp/B0000AI3ZQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1262878883&sr =8-1"]Labtec 333 Mic on Amazon[/ame]

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    There's very little around at that sort of price level I think. If you can budget in the 20 - 25 quid range these Audio Technicas are quite good <edited for unauthoried advertising, please be careful with links - dos_box> They are a boundary mic which means you just plonk them on a flat surface like a desk or even blutac to a wall, and they pick up in a hemispherical (dome shaped) pattern. So they're great for recording discussions and conversations with several students sitting round a table. Should do what you're looking to do. They're good for music evidence and for voice overs (video diaries, podcasts and so on). They take a little LR44 coin battery, which I tend to buy in multi packs off eBay.
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