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Hardware Thread, Dell D630 Batteries help needed in Technical; Hello All, I have over 50 dell D630s for teaching staff and have found that the batteries last upto 12 ...
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    Dell D630 Batteries help needed

    Hello All,

    I have over 50 dell D630s for teaching staff and have found that the batteries last upto 12 months and they reduce to nothing after. I also have 50 D530s which have had no battery issues.

    Is there anyone else having the same problem? I have spoken with others schools and i feel i may not be the only ones. I would like some ammunition to attack dell with to try and get some batteries for free.



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    The quality of batteries can vary a lot depending if they're official ones or not, but secondly the amount of use vs the amount of time on charge can make a difference too. How many schools left their laptops charging for two weeks over Christmas or over the summer holidays?

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    Have had issues with the 9 Cell batteries on Dell Lat D820/830s. An entire batch of 32 laptops had all their batteries fail within or just after the first year. Now just entering their 3rd year had about another 6 batteries die with the exact same fault.

    Batteries are working fine one day, good for 2-3 hours of use. Next day battery is dead and no longer detected by the BIOS. Dells stance is Batteries have a 1 year warranty so tough.

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    there was a massive recall on dell batteries as I remember some of them were setting on fire when charging you might want to check that they are on the recall list if so dell were replacing them free of charge you might be lucky ?

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