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Hardware Thread, SMARTboard problem in Technical; Our school has been given an old 500 seris smartboard, however when ever I connect it to a computer it ...
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    SMARTboard problem

    Our school has been given an old 500 seris smartboard, however when ever I connect it to a computer it works for about 30 seconds... I have installed (reinstalled) the software and plug in the board, the light goes green and all appears fine, then after about 30 seconds (sometimes 2 minutes) the light will go red, unplug and plug it back in same happens, the smartboard simbol at the bottom shows that the board is connected? The board is using a serial to usb convertor but I have tried several of them and same problem.

    Any body seen this before?

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    Had a problem a little like this one a while back, problem was with the cable lengh from the smart board to the pc?

    Was like a 15metre cable for a distance of 1 metre, I changed the cable and was fine!

    (and before anyone says "must have been the cable" it was was'nt tested alot of 15metre cables all never worked)

    This may be no use to you what so ever, but might be!

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    We had an install last year, and it started doing this. Would be green for about 10 minutes then it would just turn red and stop working. Unplugging USB and replugging in fixed it for another ten minutes just like yours.

    What fixed it for us was changing the USB port. We tried several different cables which all did the same, but then I stopped using the back USB ports and plugged it in through the front. It's been about six months now and we haven't had this problem since.

    Maybe try different USB ports, or even a different 'model' computer?

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