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Hardware Thread, Computer Brackets in Technical; Guys we are in need of new computers for a few ict rooms Problem with that is that not many ...
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    Computer Brackets

    Guys we are in need of new computers for a few ict rooms

    Problem with that is that not many places sell full atx desktop cases anymore, mostly micro atx

    Problem with is all our computers have two brackets on each with are screwed into our worktop and the computers are screwed onto the brackets has the cases has screw holes

    like this

    Anyone know any companies that deal with brackets?
    We have no other spaces for the computers to go, so we need to use the brackets

    The brackets may just hold a micro atx case, but none of these micro atx cases has screw holes to screw them onto the bracket (Plus they problery will not have lined up with our old holes on the brackets) So this will be a no no, has the student will knock them with there leg and will most likily fall of the brackets

    Any one know some company or have an idea?

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    dunno if something like things on this page would be of any use?

    Computer Desk Mount Under - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review

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