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Hardware Thread, Hitachi Starboard software vs CC3 in Technical; Hi, We are having an issue with the Hitachi Starboard software which seems to be related to CC3. The major ...
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    Hitachi Starboard software vs CC3


    We are having an issue with the Hitachi Starboard software which seems to be related to CC3. The major problems seem to be:

    You can not annotate over the desktop or another application like Media Player. When you try, it just brings up a blank flipchart.
    You can not import any documents into a flip chart. It gives an error when you try ("Cannot access the specified file/folder")
    Pressing the "List" button to give a thumbnail view of all your flipcharts does not work properly, it shows an icon but not what's on the screen
    Whenever the software starts, it asks where SimpliWrite keeps its library files.

    The version of the Starboard software that we're using is v8.11, downloaded directly from Hitachi.

    I'm certain that this is CC3 related because the Starboard software works properly on a vanilla install of Windows. As soon as you try it on a CC3 machine, these issues reoccur. These are the steps I've taken to troubleshoot it so far:

    Installed it on a vanilla machine and moved the machine account to a CC3 OU. Software worked properly suggesting it's not a GPO issue.
    Installed it on a bare vanilla machine, verified that it works and then joined the machine to the CC3 network using the Smartclient software. Once the PC finished the CC3 install process, the problem reoccured.
    Rebuilt the machine at the Main Site level to see if it's another piece of software that's causing the issue, the problem reoccured.
    I have tried multiple machines and different hardware platforms, the problem always happens when CC3 is installed.

    Is anyone aware of any conflicts or errors with CC3 and Hitachi Starboard software? It's vital that we sort this out as we are about to buy more than 90 of them to go onto our new campus and if we can't get the software working with CC3 it will be a disaster!

    I've sent this email to Hitachi and RM but I thought I'd ask here as well!



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    Hi Norphy, probably a wee bit late, but we have had all the issues you mention on CC3 and had ran all the same tests. Hitachi whittled it down to a registry key being overwritten, but by the time it was found out we had upgraded to Hitachi starboard V9.x anyhow lol

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