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Hardware Thread, HP Warranty Question in Technical; A quick question for all you HP users. I have just had to place a warranty call for a faulty ...
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    HP Warranty Question

    A quick question for all you HP users. I have just had to place a warranty call for a faulty HDD on a HP server and the support agent stated that the warranty was due to expire in Jan 10 which is strange as the server was purchased dec 08 with a 3y warranty. Now all the agent suggested was I purchase and extension, but checking the warranty online HPs site states

    Wty: HP HW Maintenance Onsite Support 
     Status  Active 
     Start Date  29 Dec 2008  
     End Date  27 Jan 2010
    and then above it has the following:

    Warranty Type Contract 
    HP Hardware Maintenance Onsite Support 
     Start Date  22 Dec 2009  
     End Date  31 Dec 2011
    So am I right in thinking that I am covered with an onsite hardware warranty until 31 Dec 2011 and that the support agent was taling rubbish?

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    Maybe he saw the same as you and read the top field ignoring the 2nd field.

    Looks normal to me, top field suggests a standard 1yr warranty (not sure why you have 13months, misread that...)

    Then the 2nd is the 2 year extension you have purchased to top it up.


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    Yep certainly looks like the agent missed that you already had the 3yr cover.

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