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Hardware Thread, Advice anyone??? so many processors, who will i choose? in Technical; The E8400 is a fanstastic chip, especially considering it is 2 years old. We have put one in the server ...
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    The E8400 is a fanstastic chip, especially considering it is 2 years old. We have put one in the server in our concept 'server-room-in-a-box' for BETT. I have one in my media PC and see no reason to change it yet. What yu need is more RAM and possibler faster HDs. Dell never put decent HD's in tehir desktop systems and faster drives with larger caches should compliment your 755s very well, as well as saving a fortune in replacing the systems. If you do need new computers I would wait until the i5 chip becomes a bit more widespread personally.

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    On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.

    If your currect CPUs are a 10
    The Athlon will be around a 5
    The Atom will be around a 2

    The only processors on the market which are better than the ones you've already got are the i5 and i7 generation Intels, and the high end 8xx, and 9xx Athlon and Phenoms.

    The AMDs will set you back around 100 give or take 30 depending how fast, where as the Intels start at around 200. And thats just for the CPU. Add a 150 motherboard...
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    Are you sure that it is an E8400? The spec sheet the OP posted shows the L2 cache as being 4MB, and the E8x00 series have 6MB. If it actually has got 4MB, then it could be the E6850 Conroe core which is also a 3ghz processor but has 4MB L2 cache.

    Even if it is only the E6850, then that is still a fairly good processor and still better than what the OP has been offered.

    Current RAM is 2GB already which is also good. Not much more you can do there except maybe double it, but then you probably wont see a great difference for what the PC is used for. HDD I guess is the next thing - size increase? Maybe even SSD though that might be overkill.

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