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Hardware Thread, USB Audio Interface in Technical; I saw a post earlier today looking for a way to output audio via USB. I can't find it now ...
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    USB Audio Interface

    I saw a post earlier today looking for a way to output audio via USB. I can't find it now [ ]

    However I just came across this webpage:

    Link: USB Audio Interface

    Not being able to find the post I refer to I can't be sure that it will be of use to the original poster.

    Hopefully it will be.

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    There are quite a few models/brands offering USB sound cards less than £5-£10, but I've never tried one so cannot comment how good the sound quality is.

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    I bought one off ebay (not nearly as fancy as the pictured one) - it cost 1.99 but only does a standard headphones/speaker jack and a microphone jack.

    Quality was superb for something that only cost £2 and installation (on XP) was just a plug it in affair.

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