We had a batch of RM Ascend 2050s delivered recently and found an issue when they are used in two particular room.

Basically if you turn them off at the end of the day then restart them in the morning they don't boot, no POST, just the power light comes on. If you hold the power button down to reset then the machine boots.

This can be replicated by removing the power cable, reinserting, then trying to boot.

This only appears to happen in two of our rooms and I have tried the following things:
-taken known working machines into the rooms with the same result.
-moved the affected machines to good locations and they work fine.
-boot with just the power cable in and watching the HD light but still nothing.
-RM have sent replacement machines that do the same thing.
-replaced the split power cable with two separate ones.

So, before I call an electrician to investigate the rooms, and I think that I have been pretty thorough, is there anything else it could be?