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Hardware Thread, What A3 colour printers are you using in your schools? in Technical; well as usual many thanks for the advice. I will talk to the department ask them to approach the head ...
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    Re: What A3 colour printers are you using in your schools?

    well as usual many thanks for the advice. I will talk to the department ask them to approach the head of ict, and ask if he can contribute towards the new printer. Looks like it will be the hp 1280

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    Our is HP 1220C is evil!

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    Just a small suggestion but I'd actually reconsider the 1280 on the basis of the consumable cost you're going to hit which will quickly wipe out any benefit you might gain from the lower printer price.

    They use a tri-colour and black cartridge approach which means you'll be wasting at least half your ink every time one of the tri-colour runs out. Your options regarding third party consumables are pretty much nill too because the printhead is built into the cartridge and won't stand much refilling (which is what the 3rd party folks tend to do).

    My humble albeit third hand advice would be to consider the K850 or new K8600 and I'd strongly recommend you get the dn version with the built in printserver/network-connectivity. Consumables on those are considerably cheaper, much higher capacity and the duty cycle is higher too. However be careful which 3rd party consumables you get as some folks hit problems with the K850 recently with some crap from IJT (probably chinese gunk ink).

    Granted all the usual issues of paper feed that come with pretty much any HP printer are there but some testing with different brand media can work wonders in that regard.

    ... I can also help on the consumable front if you're interested (PM if so).

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    Our technology department has a HP Colour Laser 5550. This is after having a mixture of mono lasers and colour inkjets. It works great, but mind the price tag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
    I have a HP 2800 Business Inkjet. Very nice and fast it is too.
    We have one too! erm... wouldn't say exactly the same comments as you - our one jams, leaks, now won't duplex, and won't do A3. The paper tray is tiny and needs filling up all the time. The ink cartridges are too small for this printer!

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