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Hardware Thread, Technology for classroom of the future in Technical; Just wondering if these events are of interest to either of you then? https://www.ssatrust.org.uk/newtechn...iesevents.aspx...
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    Just wondering if these events are of interest to either of you then? https://www.ssatrust.org.uk/newtechn...iesevents.aspx

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    Plans so far are for departments to have the same IWB within the department but not necessarily every dept having the same IWB brand. IT and maths prefer smart, chemistry have lots of preprepared resources in active studio. Art didn't know about visualisers until tonight's meeting but say one would be much more use than an IWB as the majority of their work is with mediums other than digital so being able to demo the use of pastels, charcoal, watercolours, oil paints etc on the big screen would be much better. They can use their pressure sensitive graphics tablets for digital interaction, a much better solution than the non pressure sensitive IWBs.

    I'm putting together a 16U flight case on wheels with built in everything (except a mains supply). We'll use this for use in both the temporary classrooms we'll have during the refurb. of our listed building and for evaluating as many sorts of "new tech" in as many departments as possible in until that time. Having it all in one case will minimise the set up time. With the number of additional meetings we're having as well it will be a useful tool in the various meeting rooms that don't have any IT either.
    Only problem is funding! However all the kits can be decanted out of the trolley into a classroom afterwards if its proved not to be a workable mobile solution.

    If I get it approved and anyone is interested I'll post some pictures/feedback...

    As there's no IWB and no installation costs it should be cheaper than a single room fixed installation.

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    With regard to power saving and Projectors, we have NEC throughout, and since they're all CAT5 equipped, we've had them wired up and use the free NEC software to schedule power up/power off/source switch for broadcast and so on.

    Has the added bonus that we can see time left before maintenance..

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