Strange problem someone may be able to help me with. 4 Acer 3700GX Veritons - in which over half term I updated the memory to 2 gig [ from 1 gig ] - memory the same type and speed etc. Now on each of these PCs when they boot, they boot just past the POST check and then re-boot again, then again and again and again, sometimes about 5 or 6 times before they finally launch into loading XP.

The boards should be able to take 2 gig [ just going to double check !! ] and I have up-dated the BIOS but still the same problem occurs.
When the PCs finally do load they do without a problem and will happily run for the rest of the day !!

The only thing I could think off is a load of duff memory but I can't see it as all the other PCs I did on site - [ a stack of them ] didn't have any problems....... Anyone got any thoughts ?