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    Laptop Trolley Safety Alert

    We have received a letter from Ergo, who provided laptops and a trolley to us a few years ago. The HSE has issued a statement regarding laptop trolleys and their lack of CE marks.
    HSE - Services - Education ? Information sources / Guidance - Laptop computer charging trolleys safety alert

    Ergo outlined the issues to us in a letter dated the 10th of October.

    Firstly the trolleys do not have a CE mark, which doesn't necessarily make them unsafe but without assurances from the manufacturer, they represent an unquantifiable risk.
    Secondly there is a concern raised about the residual voltage on the pins of the plug which could cause a shock.
    Thirdly there is a risk of damage to the power cables (being run over for example) which is a particular risk on trolleys using more than one cable.
    Lastly the HSE requires all none CE approved trolleys to be operated with earth leakage trips either on the disboard, or the mains plug itself.

    Ergos full response is here…

    Ergo today have sent us a compliance pack, which is basically some cable tidy to wrap around the trolleys cables so they are kept together, and some signs warning of potential dangers. They also advise that all staff are trained in the proper use of the trolley (ie. switch off the plug before unplugging it).

    I suspect this all comes from the guy in Bradford who got zapped last Christmas.

    Anyone else been contacted? Do you think this is a little over the top, or perhaps an accident waiting to happen?

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    Information will go out to Northants schools this week (if it isn't available already).

    Most of the big players are already contacting their customers directly too which is what I am recommending to them too. If any resellers on the site have shipped any trolleys recently then I would suggest getting in touch with the manufacturer for information to send out to your clients.

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    HSE Laptop Trolley Safety Alert Video update

    Hi, LapSafe had a video on their BETT stand regarding this, just saw it posted on their website, certainly shed some light if you are still unsure about the whole thing and why that guy got zapped by the Monarch? trolley. HSE-Trolley-Safety-Update

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