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Hardware Thread, Soldering Laptop Power Connectors in Technical; My GF laptop has a wonky power connector, I've seen this loads of times in school due to leaving the ...
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    Soldering Laptop Power Connectors

    My GF laptop has a wonky power connector, I've seen this loads of times in school due to leaving the thing lying about but now we have to pay for it ourselves I can't afford to get it fixed.

    I know on some laptops you can desolder the adapter on the MB and replace it but I've never done it and wondered if anyone else have tried it.

    I am sure CPC or some other component site will sell the component if I strip the laptop down.

    Its a Compaq Presario R3000 by the way.

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    It's not that difficult to be honest and you probably don't even need a new component, just to straighten out the old one (unless it is the pin in the centre which has snapped off or similar).

    Some laptops are more difficult than others, simply due to the placement of various other components around the power input. The best thing is to get the case off the laptop as much as possible and have a look - this way you should be able to judge if it's a job you are willing to tackle on your own or not.


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    Modern laptops are fairly easy as it's all very open - older ones often had metal casings permanently attached around, especially on older Dell kit :|

    Anyway, as above it is a fairly easy job. Just make sure you've got the right tools.

    1. Fine tip soldering iron - trying it with a large tip, although possible is often messy
    2. Solder sucker. Braid is good but difficult in tight spots - a sucker/pump/thingy is lovely for this - especially as you'll need to get the holes clear to get the new one in correctly.

    The old solder will probably be a bugger to get out - you will often have better luck adding *more* (but not much) new solder to it to help melt the old stuff.

    3. Clamps. Possible without, but fiddling with tweezers and pliers whilst also manouvering an iron and solder is always amusing and nearly always ends in burns

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