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Hardware Thread, Recommend me a fax/copier Please in Technical; As per title. I know nothing about these - so please say why it's good. TIA...
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    Recommend me a fax/copier Please

    As per title.
    I know nothing about these - so please say why it's good.


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    School I used to work in used Samsung ones... toners are cheap and they work? Cheap to buy too...


    Big business performance forsmall workgroups and home offices SF-650 - Faxes - Print Solutions | SAMSUNG

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberNerd View Post
    I know nothing about these - so please say why it's good.
    Our HP PhotoSmart 3300 is working okay. The scanning software can be set up to Just Work, so a user can press "scan" on the front panel and the device scans to a folder on the PC with no further interaction needed. The scanning software seems to dislike installing with VNC server running (port conflict?).

    Copy quality seems pretty good - we tried it with a photo this morning, you could tell the difference but it was still pretty good. 6-colour cartridge system makes for good colour reproduction, and the certificate we scanned this morning - white background, black text - was useable. I know I've scanned documents on other, cheaper, scanners and it's picked up all the crinkles and creases in the background, making for a mottled purple effect when re-printed. The cartridges do expire on a certain date, though, so there'll be a minimum which you'll have to spend on it per year to keep it running.

    David Hicks

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