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Hardware Thread, Managed printing solutions in Technical; Hi Guys, Just had a visit from an Olivetti rep, who can supply a network managed print solution in the ...
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    Managed printing solutions

    Hi Guys,

    Just had a visit from an Olivetti rep, who can supply a network managed print solution in the school, where every print is metred and we get billed for how many pages we use. This will include free service and consumbles and replacement of printers every 18 months during the agreement.

    Have any of you guys gone for something like this and have you made great savings as promised by transferring to this type of service?

    Look forward to hearing your feedback,


    Andy Turpie

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    Had a similar visit from a Konica Minolta rep last week. Going to their showroom this week. All sounds good, as they do, and should make management and billing much easier. They have a great feature, 'follow-me' printing, where a user with no printer in their area sends a job to the print server, which they can then retrieve anywhere in school by accessing one of the MFDs (multi function devices) and entering their credentials. So they don't send a print to a printer, but to a server which then waits for them to be somewhere to pick it up. You can also control how long these jobs stay on the system, so if they don't collect it, it can be automatically removed.

    Fewer printers in school can't be a bad thing.

    Anybody got these type of set ups?

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    most companies do the follow you printing. but its dependant on you having a 'printer room'

    it would mean kids going out of lessons to collect if needs be which our head didnt like

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    The quicker that all assignments are uploaded digitally the better.

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