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Hardware Thread, Issue with Starboard FX duo in Technical; Hi Guys, We have an issue with the installation of our Hitachi startboards and was wondering if anyone else has ...
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    Issue with Starboard FX duo

    Hi Guys,

    We have an issue with the installation of our Hitachi startboards and was wondering if anyone else has had or resolved the problem.

    Hardware is RM one version 3 running CC3 and Hitachi Starboard FX Duo with install disc ver 8.10.

    During the inital install a dialogue box pops up regarding a program called simpliwrite and asks you to point at where to save the data. Our Hitachi man came in to look and exclaimed that simpliwrite should not be available on this version and should not ask for it. It also pops back up everytime when you execute the Hitachi Software again.

    The other issue is the save function. The data folder is default to my docs which seems to have an invalid path called \StarBoard\Data (No drive letter).We have to manually change the drop down window to custom setting to N:\StarBoard\Data\documents to our shared area. Now everytime you log off it seems to lose the settings. The guy at Hatachi reckons it looks like a registery issue or RM script.
    The install of 8.0 on our older board has no issues, but lacks essential tools for the maths team.

    Hope someone out there has any ideas, apart from these little niggles I cannbt recommend the starboards enough


    Andy Turpie
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